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Who Are Legalsounds?

Legalsounds is one of the longest established music download sites, having been around since 2005. The site has recently had a facelift and now looks very modern.  It’s now one of the leading legal music download sites and as such is worthy of being recommended to you. The site is really easy to use, has new albums being added to it all the time and is a top quality site. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s one of the best.

How Do I Sign Up With Legalsounds?

You can add money to your Legalsounds account with  Visa or MasterCard, this makes it accessible to everyone. The minimum top up is  $25.00, which is higher than most other sites reviewed here. Topping up with more than the minimum gives you some free bonuses: Top up $39 to get 50 songs for free, top up $100 to get 200 free songs or top up $200 to get 2000 songs for free.

On top of this there is always a free daily download.

How Much Is Each Song?

Tracks on the Legalsounds site are 9¢ each.

Legalsounds’s Music Catalogue

Iomoio has over 3,50,000 tracks on the site, plenty to keep you amused for at least a few minutes! The site has music previews, so you can make listen to it and ensure you are buying the correct one. Do remember though that the preview is low-quality and that the actual download will be much better quality.

Search Facility

The search facility on Legalsounds is easy to use, with a predictive feature. A full list of albums and tracks is available once you have clicked on the artist link.

Can I Play The Music On My MP3 Player?

Yes, all songs downloaded from Legalsounds will work with your iPod and iTunes library, your iPhone and any other device you have. Legalsounds downloads will also work on Windows Media Player, Winamp, your mobile phone, laptop, car, everywhere and anywhere.

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